Special RCA audio cables

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Designed to be used at best with MK7 RCA sockets mod, the cable is handcrafted using
top range stuff, hand-welded with eutectic 4% silver alloy and individually tested to ensure
the highest quality.

The special semi-balanced configuration combined with the 100% shielding of the conductors guarantees total protection against electromagnetic interference, thus allowing to use cables even
on modern consoles, particularly crowded with electronic monitors and active devices.

The Mogami cable OFC Japanese production ensures high conductivity, impedance
and capacity is ideal for phono signals, allowing it to be also used for the line signal with
great improvements of transparency and signal details, minimizing the background noise.

The connectors used are the best results from our tests regarding electrical and mechanical connection, robustness and ability to withstand considerable mechanical stress. Their fully painted metal bodies make it also very easy to identify even during a live performance to change the setup "on the fly".

Used with great satisfaction both in audiophile and DJ environment.

Exceptionally rugged construction with cut-resistant braid sleeve also makes it an ideal product for
audio service.

Available in different lengths in order to better respond to different uses.

Outer diameter: 8x13 mm
Capacity: 76 pF / m
Conductors Impedance: 0.0584 Ω / m
Length: 1.2 m

Cable weight: 7oz
Pack Weight: 9.8oz
Package dimensions (WxDxH) 24x14,5x4 cm
Sales Unit: a single piece