Alpha Recording System Model 3600 (Phono and Line)

$ 1,950.00

24 dB/Octave 3-Way DUAL channel crossover with 2 Phono Pre Amps


Users can adjust the crossover point to choose which frequency ranges of "LOW", "MID" and "HIGH" should be emphasized for their preferences and music genres.

Volume curve is designed with insistence on quick attack and sharp response. 

Its simplified design minimizing all possible sound degradation. ARS MODEL-3600 provides superior controls for DJs to react to each different scenarios, giving more characteristics to their performance.


Users can select PHONO / LINE inputs by selectable switches.


* No power switch avoiding accidentally turning power off while playing.

* Minimizing the power noise by designing the main circuit board and the power circuit board independently and setting them apart.



Frequency response : +-1db 20hz-20khz

Input RCA: LINE impedance 20K Ohm


RCA impedance 600 Ohm

PHONO impedance: 47K Ohm x 2

Maximum Output Level: +-20 dBu

Crossover Type: 10 - 300 Hz / 300 - 3500 Hz / 3500 - 25000Hz 18dB−∞cut on each bandwidth


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