Alpha Recording System Model 2200

$ 1,500.00

A prototype model of ARS MODEL 5000. Sounds will be finely adjustable with the 10 bandwidth of equalizer.

Limited availability.


* 10 bandwidth of frequencies are finely level-controlled.Each band frequencies can be controlled the range of +12db to -12db.

* Input: RCA/XLR 

* Output: RCA/XLR (STEREO 2 Lines)


* No power switch avoiding accidentally turning power off while playing.



Frequency Responce ±1dB 20Hz-20kHz (with no EQ)

Input: RCA unbalanced impedance 20kΩ / XLR balanced impedance 40Ω

Output: RCA unbalanced impedance 600Ω / XLR balanced impedance 50Ω

Maximum Output Level: +20dBu

Equalizer Control: 31.5Hz.63Hz.125Hz. 250Hz. 500Hz.1kHz. 2kHz. 4KHz.8kHz. 16KHz (10 bandwidth)

Adjustable Range: ±12dB

EQ IN/OUT switch: Selector switch on the right side of the front panel.

Power Requirement : 115VAC/230VAC (Selectable)

Power Consumption: 10

Dimensions: Front Panel s1U (W)482x(H)44x(D)193mm


FREE for United States orders via FedEx Priority International Service directly from JAPAN


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